Okay, I know it`s been a long while since I used this blog for anything remotely interesting to all of you 58 (in average a week) visitors. But that`s all gonna change now. At least until I get bored again. So a couple of weeks that is.

Anyway… I`m on a summer vacation right now. A bit delayed, but still… vacation and summer – at least down here in sunny beatifull Okinawa. Me and my girlfriend arrived in Naha about a week ago, and spent a few days there trying to shake the jetlag. And after that we traveled out to a small island called Zamami, that has a few hundred inhabitants, and 80% untouched nature surrounding us. Since some nazi-custom-officers opened and forgot to close my bag at the airport, I have no charger for my camera, almost no socks and no leathermantool or flashlight. But I`ve got my iphone, and here is some of the photos I`ve taken so far:

Taipei Airport, choose your path.

I guess Japanese people really really like to protect themselves …

I guess “the west” has a long way to go with packaging design for hairproducts.

Naha, okinawa.

The nature wants okinawa back.

Just walked into this “ceremony”… intense japanese samurais.

Lots of lanterns at shuri castle this night..

Millions of them actually.

Say hello to mr pinky.

Old tree at the shuri castle.

Shuri castle in Naha.

And they even taste good!

Me and Henriette went to the arcades, and I won! (Yes, I`m playing as the princess)

On our way to ZAMAMI island.

I love the firetruck to the left.

We met this friendly japanese guy with a Helly Hansen OSLOFJORD piquet shirt. We just called him Helly Hansen for the rest of the 2 hour ferry trip.

Furuzamami beach.

Furuzamami Beach.

Furuzamami Beach.

Some other beach.

Lots of lookouts spread across the island.

I have so far seen 3 DEADLY seasnakes while snorkeling (10-20 minutes and you are history, and there is no hospital on the island – and the mainland is 50 minutes away.) But these islands have nothing to do with it.

Naha skyline.

Shuri Castle.

Lost in translation.

Sunset at Zamami.

Super Gas Bombe… good thing there are no terrorist cells here on Zamami. According to official brochures they actually cannot recall any crime on the island… ever. But they have a policeman stationed here, just in case.


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