experimental failure

This blog is mainly here for me to experiment with new plugins and such for wordpress. And do stuff that I would`nt do on a site for a client. So a few days ago I upgraded to the new wordpress 3.02 version, and at the same time I saw that the 3.1 beta was out… So I thought “what the heck”, and went ahead and installed it.

Well two days later and a with a new site up and running, I can see that was not such a good idea. After trying to get the site up and running, I just gave up, and exported the database and backed up the “upload” folder and just set up wordpress from scratch.

And so far it feels pretty good with a clean install of wordpress, no worthless outdated plugins and no old buggy theme. Just a nice clean install.

So far I`m using the new default wordpress theme, and I`ve uploaded a picture from my recent trip to japan into the header. Here is the full image btw, and it is from “okinawa world”, an underwater journey seeing the biggest stalactite cave in Japan.

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