the church vs soccer


Yesterday I attended a baptism in the church, it was the first time in a church for a very long time for me and a very similar experience I had a year back when I watched a soccer (or just football, happy now Erik?) match, let me explain.

  1. The first 10-15 minutes everything was new, exotic and kind of interesting to me.
    The people, the sounds, the cheering, the anticipating crowd. And not to mention the (to me) strange rituals taking place, it kept me entertained for about 10-15 minutes.

  2. But my attention span is`nt all that great, so after that first stage of initial excitement, my mind wandered.. thinking about everything but what was going on. I was thinking about switching a pump in my boat, that my cat needs to get an appointment at the vet for vacine, that I need to send a new invoice to a client and that I really wanted to listen to Iggy Pop really loud. I guess this condition lasted for about 20 minutes.
  3. And suddenly, while I`m wandering peacefully in my mind… all the people stand up, cheering something I can`t really understand… really loud, and a bit frightening I must admit. It`s almost like everybody has a script with what they should shout – except me. And just when I also try to stand up and imitate some of the people next to me, everybody sits down and acts normal again. 

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  1. nico

    Jeesus elsker alle barna, fotballspillere eller ei.

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