Sick of being Sick

Since 1. December I`ve managed to been on sick leave 4 out of 6 weeks, that`s 66,6% sick in average. Intense headaches, soar throat, stiff neck fever and the occasional flues is the regular symptom’s. I`ve done all possible tests, and the doctor can`t really find anything wrong except some slow reactions in my eyes to light or something.

I`ve always been the guy who never gets sick, or at least the guy who never misses work because he`s sick, so this is all very new to me.

I`ve spent most days in bed, and some days I`ve been watching way too much bad television – with the result of an even worse headache and fever. Actually managed to get a fever of of 40,7/105 on wednesday/thursday this week, guess that`s a personal all time record for me.

I am however much better now, and If not anything very very strange happens I`ll be back to work again on Monday.

And my new years resolution is to make sure I don`t get sick again this year. I`m sick of being sick.

These are the preventative measures I`m  doing so far:

  • Drinking TRAN (fish oil) every day.
  • Get enough sleep (aka “go to bed early”).
  • Stopped working 10+ hours every day.
  • Stopped freezing, bought a jacket based more on the fact that it`s warm then that it`s cool. (but Arc’teryx is still cool).

And I have big plans to start eating more healthy, and at more regular times.

Some people say I should probably take some vitamins aswell, but I`m not sure what kind I should be using. Any tips perhaps?


  1. God bedring, ikkje kjekt å vere sjuk! Men eg syns dine nyttårsfortsett var veldig fine!:)

  2. Nicolai

    God bedring. Venter stadig på oppdaterte bilder av bad og kjøkken :)

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