James Roper

Just surfed by this young artists website via #fffound and I was really blown away by the intensity of his paintings. They are all somewhat abstract, and I guess then it is kind of a rorschach test what you see. But I see explosions – big, violent and beautiful explosions! Check him out here, and Tank Theory even made t-shirts of some of his graphics. (I`ve ordered mine).


  1. J

    the last one looks like a plane being struck by a missile or something to me. almost looks like an abstraction of that roy lichtenstein painting…

  2. yeah, I definitly see some of the “explosion” piece by lichtenstein in the last image. at least until I check how it really looks.. I always seem to think that work looks better in my head than in reality.

  3. SmiGGah

    This feels to me like the level japaneese anime will never get to.

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