I want a prefab shack in my garden

this would look great in my garden.

I really really wish I had more available time on my hands. Then I`d order a prefab structure from somewhere and start building in my yard. I`ve been looking alot into Rocio Romeros LV Series for the past year, and actually almost ordered one of them before our norwegian currency (Norwegian Krones – NOK) collapsed last year. I guess that`s a good thing anyway, since I really don`t have time for a project like that right now.

But today I accidentally surfed by this all new prefab dream from ecospace in the UK. I especially like the big monopitched roof version… not too expensive either, considering it`s a complete package from what I`ve gathered.

If you`re into prefab architecture, you should check it out.


  1. berre lag en då:) tid? ta deg tid!

  2. tja, det er ikke så lett når man allerede har alt for mye å gjøre… eneste måten å få tid til det er vel å få sparken, men det er ikke så lett det heller.

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