The last couple of years it`s been alot of comotion regarding the Norwegian artist “Pushwagner” in the media. From what I`d gathered he was an artist in the 70s, and got addicted to drugs. Then he sold/signed his complete collection of works; paintings, sketches, lithographys, prints, sketchbooks to a slick lawyer/agent-type. The agent has no doubt just waited for Pushwagner to OD – so he could sell the works for top dollar.

But somehow Pushwagner managed to stop taking drugs long enough to realize that he had been “tricked”/outmanouvered and actually managed to get his life somewhat together again.. in an age that most people retire, he retired from being a junkie – after probably 30 years of being an addict.

And right now he`s in the process of getting the rights to his heritage back, in the courtroom. It`s expected that he`ll win the case pretty soon (according to a documentary I just saw on NRK1 (norwegian TV)).

So okay, perhaps I did know a thing or two about this man before… but what I learned just now is that his work is incredible and right up my alley. Especially a series of 7 paintings that were called “apokalypsen” looks just amazing. Huge works, insane detail work (probably not possible to do that kind of details without being intoxicated of some sort). Below is some pictures I found on the net just now, and the darkest ones is from “apokalypsen” I believe.

A lot of the imagery is also available in the book “soft city”, that I`m ordering right now. RIGHT now.

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